Mobile Urban Sensor and Actuator Network


Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro


Laboratory for Advanced Collaboration


Distributed micro-service middleware for Internet of Mobile Things



Mission of the project

This project aims to provide middleware for Smart Cities to help designers, developers, and administrators from the project to production phases, including development, test, benchmarking, evaluating, and deployment phases...

Bus Monitoring

Verify the maximum number of connected clients, as well as to investigate possible scalability issues.

Where is my bus?

Identify the time elapsed between the occurrence of an event and the notification of mobile nodes within the area of interest for this event.

Heat Island

The Mobile-Hub obtains external temperatures through a Bluetooth thermometer and uses them as input data to the Mobile-Hub CEP engine to search for Heat Islands in the City.


The RegionAlert application sends announcements from external entities such as the Civil Defense, Highway Patrol, or Tourism Secretary to end users.

Face Detection

A face detector using a mobile app for Android.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

License plate detection and recognition on the EDGE or in the FOG.

Human Mobility

Simulate human mobility using a actual trace.


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